The Center for Community Innovation recognizes the critical role that boards play in overseeing their organizations’ mission, strategic direction and finance. CCI is committed to strengthening non-profit organizations through trainings that strengthen their boards of directors.

All of our Board Member training is grounded in a fundamental belief that boards are key to organizational success;  both in the role as an organizations’ governing body and as its mission keepers.

Unfortunately, a majority of board members have had no training in what it means to be a good, effective nonprofit board member, and consequently, are not completely familiar with their role and responsibilities. At CCI we want to ensure that, as a board member of a charitable non-profit, you start your board experience with the necessary tools and information to be successful. We offer frequent training opportunities to help you serve successfully on a nonprofit board(s).  Training is available regardless of your organizational budget or size.


As a non-profit board member, you are no doubt passionate about the objectives of the organization you are serving.  We applaud your commitment. We also know it it takes more than passion to govern a non-profit organization.

Some of the topics our trainings will cover include:

  1. What makes an effective nonprofit board
  2. Hiring, supervising, and firing your one employee, the Executive Director
  3. Best practices in conducting your E.D.’s annual review
  4. Board member liability, when to seek legal counsel, and do we need D&O insurance
  5. Understanding board’s vs. E.D.’s roles, areas of responsibility and boundaries
  6. What is the board’s role in fundraising?
  7. Reading nonprofit financial statements and understanding what they mean to board members’ management responsibilities
  8. Self-evaluation: how a board assesses its own effectiveness

By being part of a well-trained board, you help assure your organization stays on course to achieve its mission and increase its impact on the community.

See our events calendar for our next upcoming Board Member Training.