Do you have access to a non-profit professional that you can bounce your ideas off of? Can you pick up the phone and get advice on strategies?  For most members of the non-profit community, that kind of resources just isn’t available. Until now.

At CCI, we are working to develop a mentor program that will give non-profit professionals a hand when they need it. Your mentor can help you face challenges, determine strategy, or grow your non-profit.

Mentors are individuals with experience in:

  • fundraising,
  • board relations,
  • management
  • HR
  • finance
  • and more


As a mentor, you are willing to give, on average, 1-hour per week over 3 months to mentor someone in a non-profit with a direct request. Mentors generally have 5+ years-experience and do not see mentoring as a consulting opportunity or marketing opportunity, but rather an opportunity to give back. We believe an effective mentor is someone who can offer expertise and guidance in navigating the various areas of non-profits, including business organization, fundraising, and professional networking.

A successful mentee is someone dedicated to the growth of themselves and their non-profit. A mentee recognizes and values the knowledge and support of others who have been successful in the field and look to them for guidance.


What’s the time commitment?
A minimum of 1 hour per week from the start of your match for approximately 3 months.

How do I connect with my mentee once matched?
Either in person (if appropriate), or via phone, Skype and email.

Is there potential for long-term partnership with my non-profit mentee?
Absolutely! While the active mentoring program is 12 weeks, you and your mentee can continue to work together indefinitely, or you can choose to begin a new mentoring relationship after 3-months.