Nonprofit Membership dues allow us to continue serving and strengthening  all of the Mid-Valley’s Nonprofits, and empowers us to offer relevant programs and services that benefit you, your organization, and your organizations members.

As a CCI Nonprofit Member, you will gain access to a variety of member only benefits that will help you save time and money, stay informed, network with other non-profits, learn from sector research, and make life easier for you, your volunteers and the community.

Benefits of being a Nonprofit Member include:

  • Access to Foundation Search Software
  • Access to CCI’s online membership directory and Resource Library , which offers access to out-of-print and hard to get research and teaching materials.
  • Room Rental Discounts
  • Advertising Discounts
  • Subscription to CCI newsletter, which provides a channel of communication between research and action, including announcements, book reviews, trends and developments
  • Free Postings on Nonprofit Job Board
  • Access to CCI non-profit job board  and mentoring opportunities
  • Eligible to receive program scholarships

Nonprofit Membership is available to organizations in Oregon that meet the requirements of the IRS for tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.


Membership dues are an annual fee and they are based on budget size:

$0-100,000 $40
$100,001-250,000 $85
$250,001-500,000 $175
$500,001-2,000,000 $300
Over $2,000,000 $425



A scholarship fund has been created to assure opportunities are especially available to women working at area nonprofits . Women play a key role in our nonprofits and removing financial barriers to make training and program opportunities available to women is consistent with our history.

To apply for a CCI Heritage Scholarship please fill out the scholarship form.