Nonprofits touch the lives of every resident in the Mid-Willamette Valley, providing vital resources, services, education, and employment to our region. At CCI we are proud to be a champion of the non-profit sector and look forward to advocating and accelerating the impact of area non-profits.

Understanding the services our local non-profits provide and how they accomplish their work is essential when making the decision of how and where you potentially want to give.


Get to Know Your Non-profit is a program designed for anyone in the Mid-Valley community who is interested in learning more about the local non-profit sector and the opportunities there are for giving your time, resources, and support. Staff and volunteers from a variety of non-profits attend this event ready to share with you how your support helps people in our community. You will have the opportunity to learn first hand what types of issues and needs each non-profit addresses, how you can be a part of addressing those needs, and how you can give to support their efforts.

If you are a resident of the Mid-Willamette Valley and curious about how an area non-profit can benefit from your support, we highly encourage you to attend one of our Get to Know Your Nonprofit events.

See our events calendar to find out when the next event is scheduled.