Volunteering with one of our non-profit members is an opportunity for your business to build lasting, meaningful relationships with the community. And it differs significantly from a financial donation in that you can see the impact your philanthropy has had, and how it can change lives.

Corporate social responsibility in the form of corporate volunteering has become an essential ingredient of success in the modern business world.  A new generation of socially minded professionals is interested in seeing their employer do more than write checks to worthy causes.  For organizations that want high employee retention and engagement rates, corporate volunteer programs are becoming a mandate.

With experience in various disciplines over a range of sectors as a corporate volunteer you and your organization have practical skills to pass onto our non-profit members.  Imagine the satisfaction you and your employees will feel when you are able to use those skills to benefit a cause here in our community.

Interested in getting your organization signed up to volunteer and to find out how your organization can get involved?