The Center for Community Innovation recognizes the critical role that boards play in overseeing their organizations’ mission, strategic direction and finance.  CCI is committed to strengthening non-profit organizations by strengthening their boards of directors.

Board service is an excellent way to have an ongoing, substantial impact in our community. As a member of a concerned, dedicated team you will work to seek out opportunities for collaboration, identify long term goals, and work to help implement innovative strategies to create lasting change.


Often times when a person thinks of a non-profit board they think of raising money. While a non-profit can’t fulfill their mission effectively without money, and a board member taking an active interest in financial vitality is important, a board member’s role is broader than fundraising.  As a board member of a non-profit organization you serve as an ambassador of that organization. You are well informed about the organizations work, the setting of policies, and you work to help plan and oversee the selection of leadership for the organization. Your role stretches far beyond that of fundraiser.


Whether you are a seasoned philanthropist, mid-career, or just starting out in your career there is a non-profit that values your knowledge and talents. Nonprofit board service offers seasoned professionals a vital next step in a lifelong career by providing an opportunity to put well-honed skills to use and fostering growth for other leaders. For those just beginning in a career or mid-career you benefit from the opportunity for professional growth and receive an entree into civic stewardship and philanthropy.

If you think that you are someone who is interested in serving on a local non-profit board we encourage you to contact Phil McCorkle with your interest.

Phil can be reached by either email: or phone (503) 581-992 ext. 314